March 1st: Present a Resolution supporting a $15 minimum wage

Do you plan to caucus on March 1st? If so, present a resolution in your area in support of a $15 minimum wage. Many are predicting record breaking attendance at the March 1st caucuses. Passing these resolutions will be a great way to show there’s widespread support for $15 minimum wage.

We won’t win $15/hr by passing these resolutions alone, but this is one small way to get involved if you plan to caucus.
Not interested in caucusing? Join 15 Now to speak with supporters for $15/hr at the caucuses, to draw more community and labor activists into the campaign for $15.

Download and print materials below.

After the resolution passes…
We need some info back from you! After passing the resolution, can you please contact:
Jesse 651-442-5734 or Becky 651-226-4967

Leave a message with this info:

  • Your name and phone number
  • City, Ward, Precinct number
  • Confirm the resolution passed
  • Are you with an organization or union?

Print this sheet and attach to resolutions presented by your organization: Directionsafterresolutionpasses

St Paul Resolution (1)

Mpls Form-Resolution

Minnesota Resolution – for greater Minnesota outside Minneapolis / St. Paul
(write your city name where it says Duluth on page 1)

Upcoming events: THURSDAY ReclaimMN Unity Action Feb. 18th

Get involved in the struggle for workers’ rights in Minneapolis! Join 15 Now MN at these upcoming events:

Reclaim MN Unity Action
RSVP, Thursday Feb. 18th, 7:00 AM

“Business as usual” politics in Minnesota have led to high rates of poverty in working class communities and created the worst-in-the-nation racial disparities. The fight for a $15 minimum wage is a fight for racial and economic justice.
Next Thursday, hundreds of Minnesotans will come together in downtown Minneapolis to #ReclaimMN. Big business and the political establishment use every opportunity to fight against a workers’ rights agenda, but working people in Minneapolis will send a clear message: No more business as usual!

Campaign Launch: Let’s Take $15 to the ballot!
RSVP, Saturday Feb. 27th 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Brian Coyle Center – 420 15th Ave. S

2:30 – Rally and Speakers, including Nekima Levy-Pounds, and low-wage workers leading the fight for $15/hour from 15 Now MN, MN NOC, CTUL, and others
3:15 – Community Action Group Break-outs: caucus training, answering common questions, prepare for collecting thousands of signatures to get $15 on the ballot!

Join us on February 27th in a mass rally and organizing event to bring together all workers and supporters of a $15/hr.

After the rally, plug into the campaign to win $15! 15 Now will lead trainings on how to introduce resolutions for $15 at the March 1st Caucuses. Passing these resolutions in hundreds of caucuses across Minneapolis-St. Paul will demonstrate the massive support for $15. We’ll also have small group discussion on how to answer common questions about $15 to prepare for the signature collection phase in March.


Past Event:
Justice for Oromo in Minneapolis: A Community Discussion on Racial and Economic Justice
RSVP, Monday Feb. 15th 5:00 – 9:00 pm – Mixed Blood Theater
Co-hosts: 15 Now MN, Brian Coyle Center, West Bank Community Coalition

Join us to stand in solidarity with the Oromo people that are suffering from oppression and humiliation by the Ethiopian government. In particular, we’ll discuss the injustices faced by the Oromo People in Minnesota and Minneapolis.

Our vision is to unify the community and build connections amongst organizations in order to close the gaps on the social, political and economic conditions of our society. We strive to bring a positive change in our society by working for, and with, our society.

Event Partners:
15 Now Minnesota
Brian Coyle Center
West Bank Community Coalition


Backers of $15 Minimum Wage Plan to Launch Minneapolis Ballot Campaign

via Erin Golden, Star Tribune
“Minneapolis residents may have another item to vote on at the polls this November: raising the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Members of the group 15 Now Minnesota said they’re tired of waiting for the Minneapolis City Council to act on calls for a higher minimum wage, so they’re taking the issue directly to voters.”

Read Full Star Tribune coverage Here
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15 Now Minnesota Launches $15 Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative Campaign  
Amid massive support and City Council inaction, activists appeal directly to voters

Minneapolis — Low-wage workers in the Twin Cities are launching a grassroots campaign to put a $15 minimum wage on the ballot in Minneapolis in 2016. The initiative is backed by 15 Now Minnesota, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL), the Minneapolis NAACP, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG), the Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter and other community and labor organizations. These groups will come together for a ballot campaign launch event on February 27th, a mass meeting to bring together all workers and supporters of a $15/hr.

After months of coalition building with supportive organizations and low-wage workers, organizers with 15 Now Minnesota are confident the initiative can win. They point to a recent poll that showed 82% support for $15/hour among Minneapolis voters, victories in other cities across the country, the popularity of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and high voter turnout in 2016.

“Under pressure from big business, city hall backed away from the Working Families Agenda, a key set of policies to address Minnesota’s worst in the nation equity gaps. But we don’t think the rest of Minneapolis agrees that a $15 minimum wage can wait. We’re building a mass movement of workers who need $15/hour now,” said 15 Now organizer Ginger Jentzen. “This initiative is designed to put that decision back into the hands of those most affected by poverty wages.”

Many major cities across the country have taken bold steps to address poverty wages over the past year, such as New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. More than 4 in 10 workers nationwide are paid less than $15 an hour, including more than half of African-American workers and 6 in 10 Latino workers. Supporters say $15 is one of the most impactful single steps we can take towards racial and economic equity in Minneapolis.

“The $15 ballot initiative is an opportunity to take a lead and fight against the racial and economic disparities tearing our city apart. When I talk with our supporters, they are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages. They’re tired of the race to the bottom,” said Claire Thiele, a low-wage worker and 15 Now volunteer. “If the Council won’t act, we will.”

“As a small business owner, I pay my employees a living wage and support $15,” said Brett Mattson, owner of the South Minneapolis restaurant, Cap’s Grill. “My restaurant business is expanding. My employees are happy and most have stayed with me. It can work for Minneapolis too.” ###