Become a 15 Now Minnesota monthly sustainer

 When we organize, we win! Through determined organizing, workers have won a mandate for a $15/hr minimum wage  in Minneapolis – polls show 68% of Minneapolis residents support our proposal for $15/hr, phased in for big business by 2020 and medium-small business by 2022 for every worker.

But we can only do it with your help.

Republicans in the Minnesota state legislature plan to make it illegal to raise minimum wage in Minneapolis. It’s called pre-emption, and it means we need to demand City Council pass OUR proposal for $15/hour – NOW!

Winning $15 will be an enormous effort. It will take hundreds of volunteers. It will also take resources. As you know, our campaign is funded entirely by working class people: teachers, nurses, servers, cooks, retail workers, janitors and more.

We’re asking everyone to become a 15 Now Sustainer and sign up for a monthly donation.  Can you give $15 a month, or anything you can, to support the fight for 15?